Halo 5 was the only game I'd enjoyed playing, I don't want to play Halo Infinite for free!

It’s 2022, other games will catch up easily if Halo Infinite removes all the things that made Halo 5 competitive such as hovering in the air, smashing etc. Halo Infinit is just a regular shooter, boring, I would have happily paid for it if it was a copy of Halo 5 but better graphics and other maps. Also the interface is really bad.

Bottom line: if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

I agree. Halo 5 was so much more fun. Actual fun. Not manufactured fun.

Nice to see the people who liked Halo 5 share their opinion. I know they are out there. This fourm makes it seem like the game was universally hated

That ship sailed with Halo 4 resulting in Halo 5.

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There is no denying that 343 keeps trying to reinvent the wheel every Halo game

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Halo 5 was broken in the sense it didn’t feel like a Halo game. If Halo 5 is the only game in the series that you’ve enjoyed, maybe Halo just isn’t for you. The majority of Halo fans don’t want the advanced movement like hovering etc. I’m fine with sprint and clamber and I think that’s all that’s needed, I’d even take slide out but oh well it’s fine.

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Sounds boring. Idk want to play the same style of gameplay in each game I play. I actually want to have fun. Idk how people didn’t see the hovering and thrusting as fun. I understand the spartan charge but movents are cool. It’s closer to what Spartans actually do. Parkour based combat