Halo 5 was complete in a 1 year post release while infinite

November 18, 2015 Big Team Battle (BTB) game mode, new player customization options, REQs
December 16, 2015 [Forge] mode, advanced controller settings, new player customization options, maps, and REQs
January 27, 2016 New maps and REQs
February 24, 2016 New game modes, new map, new REQs
March 6, 2016 New maps and REQs, Forge additions, balance updates
May 16, 2016 Infection game mode, new REQs, matchmaking preferences customization
May 27, 2016 New REQs
June 29, 2016 Campaign Score Attack and Warzone Firefight game modes, new maps and REQs, new Forge canvas
September 8, 2016 New maps and REQs
December 8, 2016 Custom Games Browser, Observer Mode, new REQs, new Warzone Firefight maps, bug fixes, balance changes

Halo 5 had a continuos constant of updates and was complete in a 1 year after release but infininite … 2024 maybe…


No offence, pointless post.
We know how bad Infinite is atm, and we’re already not expecting alot. We’ve already known since March. Nothing you post regarding the matter will change the fact that this is the state we are in at the moment.

In fact, I’ll go ahead and say using H5 to compare anything is asinine. Everything you mentioned in H5 which came as “updates” were mostly already native to the shipped product in previous Halos. We’ve already compared both H5 and Infinite to previous Halos and accepted the fact that 343 is just not great at delivering a finished product first and foremost.

Right now the best thing you should do as part of the Halo fanbase still playing Halo is simply keep playing Halo and not expect too much. Sounds bad but this is the truth. Keep playing Halo, keep enjoying MCC and keep playing Infinite for what it’s worth. It will get better, and hounding 343 isn’t gonna make it come faster.

This is coming from someone who’s just sad when seeing people suddenly deciding to speak up as if it will change anything when all the noise we could have made which mattered fell on deaf ears when we have been strongly pushing for features all the way back in MP Flight #2.


We really don’t have much of a choice anymore, after working on one product for over a decade this is the best 343 is capable of and so now this is what Halo has become. We have no choice but to accept it or just stop playing because clearly this is exactly what 343 had envisioned for the Halo franchise.


At least Infinite had a pretty fun campaign. Without that though, yeah, its pretty unredemable.

h5 came out incomplete as well. and more content being added to it over time should never overlap the fact, that a lot of stuff was missing at release (BTB, forge, etc…)
comparing an incomplete game to another incomplete game isn’t helping, it could even make things worse, bc it sets the ground for setteling for less with each release…
thats one of the reasons i think, that a review score for a game should only be alowed to be lowered after launch, bc there is only one chance to release a game and thats it. yes it could be fixed later, but thats not for sure and it would leave open a small window for devs to still think it’s ok to release an unfinished game.
on the other hand a score should always be able to be lowered, bc devs already have worsende games after release, to ditch the review scores. especially on the MT sector and they should never get away with that

Nice revisionist history. Halo 5 was brutally hated upon release and its entire life cycle, it was never considered “True Halo” by a very whiny portion of the fanbase.

If Halo 5 was as virtuous as you say, we’d still have its gameplay.

We do not.

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For the most part, we do.

They only removed Spartan Charge, Ground Pound, and Stabilizers.

They repurposed Thrusters, changed Smart-Link cosmetically, and basically left everything else, Sprint, Slide, and Clamber.

I posit Halo 5 is the closest of any Halo to Halo Infinite’s gameplay loop.

Even the default control setup is virtually the same.

Usually what you post is just a bad opinion, but this straight up seems like you forgot to read. It’s a complete non-sequitur to anything that’s been stated in this thread.


Err, that has nothing to do with the post. Also, it ignores that a not insignificant portion of the fanbase actually quite liked the multiplayer. The reaction to Halo 5 was a much more extreme version of the reaction to Halo Reach, honestly. But the post’s point is about Halo 5’s constant stream of updates to it, compared to “live service” Halo Infinite’s tiny drips and dribbles of additional content.


I think you misinterpreted what I said - which isn’t that surprising given you think my takes are bad.

How is that misinterpreting what you said?

OP: “Here’s a list of the constant support 343 gave Halo 5 post launch in its first year.”

You: “Revisionist history! Everyone hated Halo 5!”

It is a complete non-sequitur. 100%.

yeah 5 had some missing stuff too but id say they atleast gave us some new things to make up for it, we got warzone and breakout, the new movement and weapon system, the reqs, and more new enemies to fight for campaign and warzone. halo 5 gave us a lot of new things and didn’t feel like they were just copying bungie. i think a lot of people blow it off because the story wasn’t how it was advertised, mean while infinite feels like the whole game was mis-advertised. “Biggest Halo Ever” my %$$!!! CE felt way bigger and with more level and enemy variety.

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My opinion is that a lot of the halo 5 content was held back so that they could do those regular content drops. I believe is was a marketing strategy that kept the game interesting and was a semi live service approach. My point is, 90% of halo 5’s content could likely have been released at launch. Now compare that to infinite. We may never actually get to halo 5’s level of content. The content that is being added seems to be released months later than originally planned (yappening bunny ears for example). I’m not sure what’s happening at 343 but the content pipeline is clogged and seems to be getting worse.

I already knew 343i was never going to beat how good they made Halo 5, especially it’s MP, but I could’ve never predicted just how bad Halo Infinite would turn out to be. Everything about this game is just awful.

The story is mid tier yet again, the gameplay is bad, the maps are boring to play on (who thought non-stop 3 lane maps was the future of halo?), the weapon balance needs some serious work, the armor customization is horrible, and so so so many more issues I’d be here all day just listing them all.

Halo 5 definitely wasn’t hated for it’s entire life cycle, nor was it brutally hated upon release. Halo 5 always had a 50/50 love hate relationship for Halo fans, but that’s mostly because of Halo 5’s campaign being mid tier (so was halo 3’s as well).
Practically everyone loved it’s MP, people just wanted a more refined version of Halo 5’s MP. Not whatever Infinite is offering.

We do, most of Halo Infinite’s gameplay is literally just Halo 5’s but slowed down a ton to the point that it made the gameplay predictable and boring. Not to mention just how much worse the map design for Infinite got off of Halo 5’s amazing map design. Maybe it had to deal with employees leaving Idk.

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