Halo 5 was a Live Service, Infinite is Not

The Halo Infinite Road Map has confirmed me as being officially apathetic.

I just don’t care.

Die hard Halo player since November 2001 and this slow collapse of 343 over a dozen years just leaves me apathetic at this point. Bungie had a vision and charm. 343 has been about milking a franchise, following trends (as opposed to creating the trend) and has not executed a crisis-free game launch yet.

I had to ask myself, would I play Halo Infinite if I did not have nostalgia for prior (complete), games? Nope. Even Halo 5 had a lot to enjoy, and as they released far more content post launch, I do think they made a very well rounded game. I was hoping, but not expecting, 343 to do even better and maybe release it up front as a complete package.

Halo Infinite cannot even have a Husky Raid or a Warzone Firefight PvE mode to help me get through this intentional drip feed of content. 5/MCC are much more fun games to play at this point. I was the last of my friends to be playing Halo Infinite and now that I have been gone for a month, I don’t miss it which just makes me a sad Spartan.

Hats off to those still trucking and enjoying this game. Wake me, when the game is complete.


Yeah it’s pretty bad when you compare them side by side.

Especially since as far as I can tell the Forge and Co-Op is exactly the same as Halo 5. Why is it difficult to put legacy systems in? None of this is new or ground breaking. It sounds a lot like they actually broke the game and can’t fix it.

“Do you see what I see? So much potential.” :grimacing:


Halo 5 is better just because it has assassinations


Knowing 343 said “this is a 10 year plan”. You have many years before you will be woken up. Just thinking how their engine can’t even handle playlist, that’s pretty freaking pathetic.


As much as i don’t like halo 5 i have ro agree with the title


I disagree… it is a live service game whether we like it or not. It has live events and is being updated at certain points of the year.

However due to its 90% lean towards HCS it’s only serving a small niche market. Leaving the majority of fans baseless.


You have very low expectations if you deem pre-scheduled time limited events sufficient to qualify a game as being a live service. If “live service” means “incomplete game with minimal support and updates” then 343i pass with flying colours.


Not talking about my expectations - it’s a terrible live service game are my thoughts - however factually it is a live service. That’s not debatable.

I feel you. You should take a year off

Recall Fortnites 8 years of development into the phenomenon it was today. It started slow and mediocre but transformed into a beloved cultural icon

I personally believe Halo Infinite will reach great heights in time. 343 stated infinite would be a decade long endeavor. I wish Infinite was at its apex now but its not. Its in infancy and has a lot of maturing to go through

343 has begun to step it up, but the expectations before them are way higher than what they’ve been delivering.

I want to take time off and return later, hopefully things will improve in a year’s time. Im not going to fret anymore. I want this game to succeed but thats on 343

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Great point. Wonderfully said. You all can add me to the list of people to wake when the game is complete.

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The body of the sentence is clear forum software.

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Add me to that list as well