Halo 5 warzone

finding warzone matches is damn near impossible no matter what time it is or if my search preference is on expanded. I can find matches for everything but warzone and every time I queue it nearly always ends in failure and is a big waste of my time. If there is any way this is fixable, please act on it.

Aside from having more people playing it or just getting rid of team balancing, there isn’t much that can be done for Warzone. You’re either lucky enough to be in the skill range where most players are or you’re not.

Tip: if you have at least one player in your team you will find matches faster

so I don’t know what happened but I’ve been getting warzone matches pretty quickly now lmao I hope it stays like this

I’m getting matches quick today as opposed to the regular 15 min wait but they are all 12 man teams and the match is over in 5 mins

I don’t know why you are having this problem, it probably takes me about 30 seconds to load into a Warzone match. My suggestion would be to restart your internet. Works in most cases.

Is this just regular warzone? I know with Warzone FF I am able to find matches relatively quick!

warzone ff is always quick and it might be because of more casual players or the fact that it only requires 8 players instead.