I don’t know if 343 reads these posts but if you are there please listen.
I personally love Warzone and have some ideas about what they could add to the REQ system. The many weapon and vehicle variations open up infinite possibilities. 343 should look to some of the vehicles from Halo Wars such as the Vulture, the Cobra, the Vampire and the Volverine. I would love to see classic vehicles make a comeback such as the brute chopper, the hornet and the elephant - (which would be perfect for mobile team attack!)

Another great possibility could be a new section of REQs you could earn by getting kill streaks in Warzone. Things like a team overshield or a airstrike would be perfect (remember halo reach?) Maybe the ability to call in a pelican dropship, spawning high armour troops or ODSTs to help out your team.

Nope to the second paragraph, nope nope nope.
And I’d hate to see halo wars vehicles be added before vehicles from actual halo games, I don’t intend on playing halo wars and the Spartan assault was crap too.