Halo 5 Warzone req pack and pre-order bonus.

Hey all, I realised that I could download my pre-order bonuses from my game apps/Halo 5 so I did that a few days ago and I downloaded the Gold card pre-order bonus and the bronze card promotional packs but I didn’t see them in my unopened packs on the website or though the game.

I also downloaded the Warzone req pack too just over a week ago but I’ve not gotten any cards from that pack either, and checked again today but I have still not received any packs.

What should I do? Do I need to reinstall the game and all the packs again or something? Really hoping I don’t, took ages to download Halo 5’s patch. (Slow Australian internet)


Edit: I bought the halo 5 limited collector’s edition





Shameless self bump. Would really like to know if I can at least get my Warzone packs… Is this a major issue? Are other people having the same problem?

Maybe I should sell my copy, buy the regular edition and then buy another war zone pack with the money difference to see if they work then. >_>

sorry man. you should go to xbox support themselves to resolve this, as the fact that your issue is still present means this forum has failed you, my friend. im sure the xbox support team could help much more then these guys

Ok, I’ll go to them. Thanks.