Halo 5 Warzone REQ Bundle Question

So when you pre-order/buy Halo 5 Warzone REQ Bundle includes it includes 14 Premium Requisition Packs. The thing that has me stomped is the 2 on the weekly basis part. Does that mean that i will get 14 up front and 2 every week after?
Here is the link

To my understanding you get 2 per week for 7 weeks. I would be wrong.

Edit- So that would be 2 up front and 2 the next and so on until you get the 14. I think it’s a way to keep players coming back week after week.

… They don’t want you to spend your money all in one place. All but a handful of players would ration their reqs to use a month later when everyone else has opened up the meta-game and spent all of their initial reqs in the learning process.

I really hope there’s a trading system and not just the sell-back system. Otherwise, for being influenced by card games they’re forgetting one of the more important aspects of a TRADING card game.

ie. If I get Linda’s sniper but my friend get’s Kelly’s shotgun, I prefer shotties and he prefers snipers.