Halo 5 Warzone Matchmaking Is Currently Abhorrent

I have taken a break over this past week, but returned today to play warzone. While the first few games back were meh, pretty sweaty but not unplayable, I have had a series of absolutely abysmal games, topped off by something truly despicable.The matchmaking system currently seems to try to match both teams with as many level 140+ players to make the game very competitive. IN THEORY this is somewhat smart, but don’t be fooled. Josh Menke, or whoever did this, you forgot something.**The majority of people that play halo and are above level 140+ are firefight doorknobs.**These level 140+ players search vanilla warzone seldom, and they always seem to end up on my team. They go ultra negative (barely any kills, but many deaths) and they refuse to call in any powerful REQS to advance the teams position. These players are not very skilled in 1v1 gunfights, so why does the matchmaking system match them against me/with me???I do not mind versing or playing with these players if it was random chance that landed them on my team, but the matchmaking guarantees them a spot in my games. The result of this is consistent blowouts, one after the other. One team just spams REQS, while the other suffers and is pushed up backs to the wall.The reason I’m posting (or complaining as most people label it) now but not previously, is because the enemy team always have far less of these low skilled firefight veterans. Sure the enemy team has a couple bad players, but their team mostly is just stacked to high hell with very skilled players. My team on the other hand appears to be the test group that Horticulturalists test pesticides on.To make matters even worse…unintentional 12 man blowouts are happening again now. Many players such as myself have found that if you win a bunch of games (against the odds mostly) you eventually find the most stacked teams with no doorknobs anymore, but 100% sweat.Here’s an example

Edit. Since I was referred to this support forum, I’ve played one extra day of halo. In that time, I have found something.

Every single game I play in warzone now is very very very competitive, with both teams having high levelled players, but only the enemy team having highly skilled players. In these games, I cannot play slow, or play passive, or ‘chill’. I have to push every single objective because otherwise my team gives up and sits in the armouries/ garages and camps the entire game. My teams literally have a death sentence if they end up on my team. I repeat: Anybody who is matched on my team will lose the game if I decide to not try. I’m not even exaggerating:

The thing is, I searched for a decent 8 minutes for these games (15 for the first listed game), and I know for a fact that other lobbies are running and have spots, yet the game doesn’t load me into those games. I am literally unmatchable for those ‘weaker’ lobbies, and the result is I can only find super stacked lobbies. Nobody said that I alone can carry the team, but that’s what the matchmaking is implying, right? Because I almost always lose unless I sweat my balls off?

Please dear god sort your absolutely abhorrent matchmaking system out Menke, because soon there won’t be any players left to test it, and god forbid…the 343 testing team might actually have to go buy this piece of posterior game from gamestop to test the mmr out for themselves D:

I think you’ve already been directed to the Matchmaking feedback threads by Zaedynfel.