Halo 5 warzone infection Idea .1

Hey guys Lone here and i want to talk and share my new ideas for halo 5 warzone, now this just randomly came up in my head and i was probably thinking this is not going to get in matchmaking warzone for sure because my idea wont fit into warzone field. anyways if this idea gets pitched in or scrapped, well at least i tried i guess ehhh. the whole idea was going into a different field or a whole new battle of warzone, fighting off the covenant, prometheons, other players and of course the flood would be awesome from my point of view, but what are your guys opinion on this?

  • Intro Music when landing: Deadspace soundtrack 1: Dead Space Theme - YouTube - layout: flood infested, dark and murky, bog feel (kinda like backwash setting) - Enemies: Flood Marines/Marines, Flood Covenant/Covenant, Flood Parasite, Flood, Prometheons - Bosses: Flood Juggernaut (Flood Juggernaut | Halo Alpha | Fandom) - Purpose of such a thing: Basically this will play the same thing as a normal warzone game but the difference is the setting of it, and new enemies added into the game. Gameplay Point of view: Complete objectives to earn points. Destroy the enemy core for an instant victory. Rack up some kills to earn req points in the game, destroy enemies and enemy bosses within gameplay, new boss and enemies had been added in the game the flood and notorious flood boss “Flood Juggernaut”, this will apply to all warzone maps on escape from A.R.C,march on stormbreak, raid on apex 7 , and battle of noctus. - Outro when leaving map: - YouTube the links out for the Intro music, outro music and for the boss flood juggernaut.