Halo 5 warzone asault bug

Yesterday and today I’ve seen players who take advantage of a failure game (bug) in the warzone asault mode. The bug Consists in capture the second base during the time of the conquest of the first base. When they do this, the defending team spawn in the core and the offensive team captures first base then.
For me, the players who do that are cheaters and they must be banned, because they take advantage of a bug to win, and that’s not fair to the other players.
The following players have done that: <mark>REDACTED</mark> , <mark>REDACTED</mark>, <mark>REDACTED</mark>
If I see another player do that I’ll put his name here.
343 Please fix this problem, and banead these players.

just had this happen to me too players name was <mark>REDACTED</mark> he kept spamming gorund pound untill he glitched himself in alittle then proceeded to get to the top of the aromory and cap it while we were defending the garage

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The same thing that’s happened to me, I think the map is called “scape from A.R.C.”

It’s a known issue and has been brought up/posted in the support forums. 343 is aware. All you can do is report players abusing this glitch until they patch the issue.

I honestly haven’t had to much of a problem with this glitch. If you use it you are almost guaranteed to lose in Assault because you will be attacking the other teams base with BRs and ARs at best. They do need to fix it though. The only problem I have with it is if you die and they cap the armory you spawn at your core and your pretty much guranteed to lose whatever the first objective is.

Don’t call people out, it’s against the rules.

It’s a known exploit. Just have someone sit in the armory until it’s fixed.