Halo 5 vs Halo CE-Reach

Hey guys so basically as we know our Halo trilogy is coming to an end with Halo 5 Guardians and that really sucks. One reason I say that is because even Halo 4 really had nothing to do with the previous games. Even as a side game such a Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach still had some connection to the actual timeline of not only the games but the books. But as you probably saw Halo 5 Guardians is going to suck in comparison to the other games (not counting halo 4). Its just to attract people from game like Call of Duty and Battlefield for example the ADS. and another thing like COD, they are leaving behind big games, and replacing them with small maps, and fast paces games such as Call of Duty. Close quarters they say but as you see they have not actually said anything in relation of Big Team games, and even with Halo 4 pretty much ruined matchmaking. To be honest Halo Reach is the last real halo to me because it stuck to the core of halo mostly in matchmaking and opened most peoples eyes to spartan III’s and that was very cool. But even so 343 really didn’t put effort into their games as you see the same bad armor, wit barley enough customization and the graphics were half fast, along with only banshees as air vehicles. That right there was enough for me to quit Halo 4 and move back to Halo3/Reach for good. Even with MCC you can’t customize your armor which I find lazy of them to not allow customization with armor. But the thing that got me and so far everyone I’ve spoken with just angered is they just flat out don’t care about us the fans, since most of us stayed with Halo since Halo CE/2. At least Bungie had cool things in their games and they really evened out the playing field. If 343 really cared about us, they wouldn’t leave us in the dust by completely changing the game. I could understand if they tried to make their games more like Halo 2/3/Reach after there terrible screw up called Halo 4. But come on 343 at least try not to throw Halo out the window. Halo should be more than another game with the Halo title. I get that Halo Reach had the bad idea of some bad armor abilities. But they could take off armor lockup, lets be real everyone hates armor lock… But anyway I know I’m not getting Halo 5 not now, not ever.

the ‘ADS’ isn’t real ‘ADS’ its just a more realistic animation for zooming. it’s the same zoom function that halo has always had, they just refer to it as ‘smart scope.’ Unlike ADS in other shooters, smart scoping does not reduce your mobility (the main difference of ‘smart scoping’ and ‘ADS’) The devs also made it clear that you do not need to smart scope to score kills, you’re just as accurate as hip firing (another difference of halo with other modern shooters). this move to modernize the feel of halo is a good thing, well for me at least. adding these new features to matchmaking would not only increase the skill gap in competitive matches but also add realism into the game. you say that you liked all halo games prior to 4, 343 is actually making halo 5 closer to previous titles by fixing their mistakes in 4. everyone has the same starts, no more loadouts, same old tactics of map control and weapon control with emphasis on arena type shooters (like Halo CE to Halo 3) this is what they’re aiming for. The armor abilities in Reach (e.g. sprinting, thruster pack) have also been standardized so that everyone has them and everyone has equal footing starts.This doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be BTB or other playlists. The beta is just showcasing their move back to the ‘old school fundamental gameplay’ using 4v4 in the beta. try the beta, your own hands-on gameplay can make you agree or disagree with me. that’s also the main reason why they’re having the beta in order for you to give your own personal feedback on the whole experience - whether you the changes they’ve made or not.

Lol @ the halo 5 community right now.

Half of you are whining 12 year olds who are complaining about the most insignificant details because its “trendy” to hate on Microsoft and 343i, and bungie is some sort of “god” developer, even though Destiny was lackluster.

The other Half of you are going insane telling the 12 year olds to just shut up because they haven’t even played the game. I applaud you. Keep going because its going to be a tough job to stop the whining.

lol i’m just trying to have a decent conversation. honestly, i don’t care if people hate on the new game or not. to each their own bro.

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> lol i’m just trying to have a decent conversation. honestly, i don’t care if people hate on the new game or not. to each their own bro.

OP does not want to have a decent conversation by the looks of it. Best move here is to ignore obvious troll and move on.