Halo 5 VS Doom.

As a Halo fan I find H5 to be dissatisfying, flow and pace of the game are not good to me. I often find enemy players to be unpredictable. Halo 5 has this strict focus on competitive play has really taken away from the game for me while with the past halos which were made in a way where you could lay back and have fun but still have competitive play when you want to. With halo 5 I feel like I have to play my best at all times. I often find myself playing very badly in halo 5, where in the past games it would be easy for me to single handedly take out a whole team. In past halo games (CE,2,3, reach) I found even while doing poorly and losing I was still having fun but in halo 5 I never have that feeling.

Memories of Reach will be coming out sometime in the next 15 days while I do see a population boost because of infection, I wonder if its coming too late for the game. Infection will bring with it some of that laid back gameplay and give new life to the game, With the population already so low will Halo 5 survive the impending DOOM.

After playing the Doom beta I found that the multiplayer wasn’t the game I wanted doom to be but it was more of the game I wanted halo to be. While the loadouts did turn me a little off. I found the flow and pace of the game to be beautiful, so much so that I couldn’t stop playing. The beta alone was the best FPS I’ve played since Halo reach ( I would say Halo 2a if it wasn’t for the bugs and glitches and if it launched as its own game.). I had so much fun with it that I didn’t care if I was winning or losing I would get so in to the game that I wouldn’t even notice the score until the match ended often losing or winning by a single point. After getting my friends to play at first they all hated it and didn’t want anything to do with. Only to come back the next day to see them all playing it instead of halo 5 firefight beta. When I asked them them what happen they told me after giving it a chance they loved it and were going to get it.

While the beta got allot of hate on steam it was because of reasons like “Its not the doom game for 1994” or “Its locked at 60 FPS” even though that was only for the beta and will be unlocked at launch. “Its not like unreal or quake and doesn’t have its own identity” So its not like other similar arena games but it doesn’t have its own identity? “Its too optimized for console.” “its too much like halo” While this is a bad thing for doom fans its a good thing for halo fans like myself who feel lost to the new halo.

I found most of the complaints ridiculous, but that said to each his own not everyone is going to like the same thing.

Now my question to all of you is do you think halo 5 will have a big drop in its already low population or it be fine until the next halo game in 2 years.

Im thinking a small drop cuz I think a lot of people dropped Halo after launch due to lacking content, bad campaign, etc

So…what I’m getting is…you don’t like Halo 5 because you suck?

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> Im thinking a small drop cuz I think a lot of people dropped Halo after launch due to lacking content, bad campaign, etc

I think some with switch to Doom but it doesn’t mean they wont come back. I know i’m switching but it doesn’t mean I won’t come back for firefight/infection/custom games. plus the content that doom is getting at launch it gonna be sweet 14 hour campaign. Snap map and multiplayer. although the 6 game modes at launch really grinds my gears I hate that everyone has started this its so annoying.

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