Halo 5 Vehicle Req pack

why can’t i spend req points??? previously the HCS pack i could spend req points on it, ohhh wait yeah i get it

you see people, this is what happens when you defend microtransactions & eventually end up buying them, what happens?
you fuel 343i and encourage them to even force it more because you know, profits.

Yes the microtransactions system in Halo 5 is optional, or was it, you know there’s all these people listening to clowns such as Greenskull who are like ‘‘hurrhurr its optional u dont need to buy them its just optional doesnt affect the game’’ but he forgot one detail, the future, and think about Halo 6 because this can affect it and 343i will be encouraged to even have more microtransactions, and next thing you know people are probably gonna complain about it and blame 343i for ruining halo.

Remember kids, never defend microtransactions or worse yet be part of it, 'cause all you do is ruin this industry for everyone, remember the days when games used to include more than 20+ maps and had a lot of content on it, unlike these days, take Battlefront for example

i’m not even surprised, i don’t blame 343i for that vehicle pack microtransactions 343i is innocent to me, who’s to blame is the people who buy it and defend it, the fans
you wanna stop it? you don’t complain to 343, you fight with your wallet.

Just giving you an advice people,

I am very thankful for 343 bringing free maps tho
despite the cold truth it being more of a free season pass, instead of giving us a full game they just give us little on launch, then they add what should have been already on disc as a way to keep the population active, it’s basically physiological tactics, but hey at least it’s not as bad as DLC and you get a full game months later, i appreciate this more and it does keep the population active, brilliant, but i’d love to better have a full game and what would be ‘‘DLC’’ be actually free.

also i hope this forum isn’t ran by communist if you get what i’m saying =^)