Halo 5 Twitch streaming

So I’ve been thinking of starting to live stream on twitch and was thinking of trying to stream Halo 5 among other games. Question is: is Halo 5 still popular enough to stream?

Not as popular as overwatch. Though I would definitely use beam i’ll link my post on how to use it

Gotcha…how good is beam anyway?

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> Gotcha…how good is beam anyway?

It’s pretty new, created last month. It’s very very easy to use. You can watch broadcasts on your xbone, pc or by app. It has everything twitch has to offer, but is much easier to access.

It’s not too popular on Twitch compared to a lot of other games. To be able to gain a good following you’d have to already be well known on Twitch. Of course you could give it a shot and see what happens but don’t expect triple digit numbers from the get go.

Its not very popular. Unless your very talented there isn’t much chance of gaining a large following which is unfortunate. Not bad to try though. You shouldn’t let a game’s popularity ruin your fun.

Its not very popular. You pretty much have to be somewhat popular already in order to be watched on halo 5. People like Kampy, Vetoed, and other HCS players have been doing this for awhile so they are watched on halo.