Halo 5 TU idea

I’ve seen it in the game, heard it from my friends, discussed it in depth with my spartan company, and halo 5 seems a bit off, some oddities, some strangeness, and some things that aren’t he halo we knew.
I’ve seen and heard enough on the forums that I believe the developer needs to take a good look at the game again, reevaluate and work on a title update. It would be to the benefit of halo.
I’d like to take a moment before going into my opinion and my view of what should be done to say halo 5 is a great game at its core, fun gameplay, great feel, but it’s inconplete and severely lacking proper amounts of content.
This is only my take on it, remember that.

I think the first issue is that halo seems incomplete to me. I think this may be simple fact, as the state of custom games is pretty meager, and the game itself shipped Withoht forge. On top of that, there is no dedicated screenshot function or any sort of file share.
Basically, we have no community tools or aspects to add to the game. We don’t even have casual playlists to play for fun or warm up games. This first part is highly important. These features are why halo in the modern era has been so valuable and popular since halo 3. I can speak for many that we want those core aspects of the halo we fell in love with all those years ago, and this new halo we are so unfamiliar with feels wrong, even if a lot of it feels so right.

The speed of the game needs a retune. It feels like speed isn’t balanced properly, especially firing rates. It feels like all the weapons fire far too fast and far too frantically. The spartan abilities slughtly lessen this blow, but it is far too inadequate to be acceptable.

I can sense the influence the pro players have had on the game, and I have to point out that not much of the community likes what they like. You have to strike a balance between the main community and the professional no-life elitist players. You’ve listened to and included the players most of us don’t like, and most of us constantly disagree with.
Oh right, the league of legends ranking that you actually decided to make worse! Yeah great job. This part makes ne a little miffed, it’s so simple to have a likable ranking system, yet here we are with a strange ranking system where not everyone starts on equal footing, and terrible players can’t go down a league. Just… Do something about that. It’s a mess.
The the forge update better come out with some classic gametypes and some (it not all) content from Warzone usable in forge and custom games options.
Theres more in my insane head, I’ll post more maybe.