Halo 5: Top 5 Kills: Episode 1

So here is the first episode of my new seires which i will be branching out to other games with soon. Thanks to the 79 submissions this week. Some may make it next week! This is your TOP 5 HALO 5 KILLS! Enjoy! Halo 5: Top 5 Kills: Episode 1 - YouTube

Awesome I made it on something. Thanks man :smiley:

Niice. Actually #5 was a really sweet kill. I enjoyed the others as well.


Nice series :slight_smile:


I think an assassinating like this one from the beginning should be rated 1. ^^
But otherwise, yep, i definitely agree with this list.

Sweet, I’ll check it out.
Also, I actually remember you guys back when ESO was coming out, pretty cool I found you again.