Halo 5 tips, find/post here

Just acouple things I’ve found/been using that work well for me. Please add any tips or techniques below.

  • I wear headphones and found that while zoomed in theres a beep when the reticle hits someone.- There’s alot of lighting and shadows on these maps, try staying in the shadows. Eden is a great example stay out of the light.- Crouching, been in the game for years ( goes with said above). It is a great way to go undetected and to catch the other team running around. On Eden holding top catwalk and using the railings for cover from fire below is a great place to get sights anywhere in the map, having a light rifle here you will quickly rack up assists and kills. Regret has some foliage along the top walls to crouch and move along into the bases.- Communication is key, even if your team doesn’t want to speak, make callouts anyways they can still hear you and 9 out of 10 times will respond if you say “one shot red 2” etc. The spartans help so try to listen too.- Ground pounds take some skill to get a direct hit, but you still have your thrusters so pick a direction you want to thrust after to finish off the kill.- Try not to over use sprint you drop your gun and it will take a second to bring back up. Use your thuster to close the gap.

Play Conservatively! You can’t play H5G like other halos or you will be cut down like its going out of style

turn off automatic hovering in air when aiming in the settings

When aiming with the br focus on putting the top hasmark on the enemy and not so much the circle on the head. Focus on body shots till the shield pops then go for the head. The reticle kicks up alittle which if you’re always trying for headshots you might be missing more then going for the body.

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> turn off automatic hovering in air when aiming in the settings

ur talking about fall time not hovering(it easy to turn it off)

Pay attention to your radar. This has been upgraded to define close, medium and long ranges:

Close range is 10 meters, indicated by the innermost circle. Home to ARs and SMGs.

Mid Range is 20 meters, indicated by tue middle circle. This is home to the BR.

The outer rim is 30 meters, and is home to the DMR and Light Rifle.

Paying attention to this will help you know when to swap weapons for a weapon more suited for that range. Just remember to know if your teammates have the power weapons for those ranges. If they got the sword, avoid fighting near red dots. If they got snipers, watch out for dots around 30 meters.

Follow this rule and you can keep the fights even, or heavily in your favor

After locking on to a target with the hydra, you can look away for a second and then fire the gun. This allows you to arc the missiles, and can help get them over cover.

Stay. The Hell. Together. If you are going to run off, it better be because you are going to approach an enemy from a different angle. Otherwise, do not complain if you het shot up by 3 or 4 different players at once.

The gametype is called Team Slayer for a reason.

You can use plasma grenades to launch weapons towards you if you can make the PG land just right. If anything, you can use it to make the Sniper stay from the enemy team on Empire’s Balcony.

Get the power weapons. Even if you are no good with it, it’s better for it to be on your useless hands than it to be useful with the enemy team.

You can zoom in with the Energy Sword and the Prophet’s Bane. This allows you to lunge farther at the expense of sprinting.

Upgrade your weapons as soon as you can. For AR starts, replace your AR with an SMG and your magnum with either a DMR or BR. Remember positioning rules from the first tip.

…And that’s all I want to share.

While sprinting with sword use those thruster to close the gap quick you can lunge after.

Nades, if flanking an enemy and they dont see you nade first dont just start shooting cause you see someone you have the time for that well placed gernade. Also, use them as barriers throw them down to block inbetween you and the enemy. So many times I see people throwing them and going behind the enemy, make them back up or get punished for charging you.

Smart Scope in Energy Sword is essential, as seen here

If stuck searching instead of rebooting game make or go into party and go to leave then multiplayer, thatll bring you back to menu