Halo 5 thoughts/helpful feedback for 343 indust.

Halo 5 Guardians
From a long time Halo fans perspective. Halo 5 had so many good story qualities that made me smile and even giggle. As I mainly play Halo for its story. SPOILERS! Now the big story elements like Blue team coming back and the Forerunner domain playing a huge role. Are awesome enough as it is, but the small things that are old and new. All amount to a big story service. Like Buck mentioning New Alexandria (Halo:Reach), another monitor making an appearance on Genisis, and Blue team mentioning past characters like Didact or the Prophets. Which all together makes the games feels like they actually happened in this universe you’re playing in. Although the only disappointments I had story wise. Was how little you spent with with Blue team and how confusing the games story can get. I’m still confused on who the Warden Eternal is and what his goals are. Like why was he serving Cortana? Also I’m not entirely sure what the reclamation is. Is it Cortana wiping out all life, leaving only AI?
On the gameplay side of things. The Spartan abilities fit well into the traditional formula Halo has always have. A way better choice than armor abilities. The difficulty is perfect…when the AI are actually helpful. The AI for both Spartan squads are stupid. They fight like marines from previous games. Except they drive a little better. I can’t tell you how many times Fred has hid behind a door or Kelly ran in front of two Hunters to revive me. I know it’s dedication to family but why can’t she kill the Hunter first? It’s not difficult…on normal.
I really enjoyed the various level designs. I especially love different paths and areas to travel in a room. To get a new vantage point over the enemy. Also to get better weapons or extra gameplay options. However I’d like a reminde every now and again. At times I’d just use my battle rifle against the warden because I forgot there were a few incineration cannons across the room.
The graphics and frame rate was perfect. It felt smooth and barely any issues occured.
The parts of the campaign that let you talk to allies and just chill. Those parts were appreciated but didn’t have enough allies to converse with. Especially arbiter, I was hoping Locke would ask about how he felt about chief and how they became friends. Hear things from his perspective.
For people who haven’t played the previous games or don’t read any books or extended lore. Halo 5 lacked explanation of any comments made by Spartans about previous Halo events.
I loved the action sequences in first person view. Like running on a crumbling bridge or my favorite moment. Running down the side of a Guardian.
The characters themselves were awesome. The mix of old favorites like arbiter and Buck. Along with new characters like Vale and Locke. Were all hugely loved.
The music was near perfect. A mix of old and new was fantastic. I especially love how you can tell which song belonged to which Spartan squad. With the simple use of a few notes. Like how Blue team, Crypt, and the trials had the 117 motif inside of each song. Kazumda is great is blending old and new sounds. Like the trials has the 117 motif than followed by the Halo theme. Fits so wonderfully well.
The sounds for the weapons, vehicles, and armor feel well placed. Can be easily recognizable by sound.
The art design and aesthetic looks for everything is so creative and fresh. Still feeling like it belongs in Halo. May I say, better than Bungies looks. Like the arbiter armor and master Chiefs mark 6 armor.
I love how hunters and knights are like mini bosses now. Fits approproately to their reputation and size.
Lastly, I love how the covenant speak English again. The grunts were so entertaining and funny to listen to.

In general I love the variation of multiplayer modes that offer new experiences. Like the classic arena and swat to the new Breakout and Warzone.
I’m still waiting on big team battle and grifball. Some old favorite modes like those I’m dying to play again.
The req packs are awesome. Really exciting way to get armor. Like a surprise present in every pack. Gives a sense of wonder and excitement to opening them, However each pack had too little amount of armor and permanent items. Like 343 wanted us to buy more req packs. Which is a greedy thing to do. I’m not happy with that aspect. It decreases incentive to use req packs. I mean 1 helmet and bunch of Warzone vehicles for 10000 req points. I end up selling all the vehicles and random weapons. Which give little amount of points. See how long it would take to get all the helmets and armor, without spending money? I understand taking a long time to get legendary items, but an uncommon helmet is just wrong.
The arena gameplay is a lot more fun with armor abilities, but it’s so fast paced in general. I barely have enough time to react. It’s similar to call of duty in that aspect. That one element makes it feel less like Halo. I understand wanting to bring in faster paced Gameplay, but it’s sometimes too much.
The customization is likable. However customization like in Halo Reach would make my Spartan feel more unique and personalized. Not mandatory but would love to see a return of customization that deep.
An idea that would be nice to see would be to add a gameplay mode simply called classic arena. Where all you could use was guns, grenades, Melee, and powerups. To add a classic take on Halo. For those wanting slower gameplay.

I really enjoyed the game and can’t wait to see what’s to come in Halo 6. I just hope the developers at 343 sees this and many others posts on Halo waypoint. Taking our opinions into serious consideration and fix any mistakes made in Halo 5.