Halo 5 Theater Zoom

A lot of people are complaining about how there is no zoom in H5’s theater. Well worry not, I have found out how to do it. In order to zoom, you have to click in BOTH thumbsticks at the same time. A pretty weird and frankly stupid change in controls, I know, but it’s still there. Hope that helps any machinimators out there who were having problems.

Thank you!

Really? You’re a life saver. Thank you a bunch, now I can make some screenshots worthy of being viewed again!

No problem guys! Just help spread the word and upvote this thread.

WOW thank you! I didn’t think this would actually work, but it does!

In Theater it says click the RIGHT stick to zoom…so is this a glitch that needs to be fixed, or is it actually SUPPOSED to be both sticks and the icon in the Theater UI is just wrong?

Either way, thanks a ton man

Great find and thanks for sharing!

As I said above, this really halps with making screenshots… but, there is no feature in game to take screenshots with. Just letting you guys know if you did not already.


What!!? Why would they change that!? Thanks!