Halo 5 Teamtage (Filthy Animals Spartan Company)

I’ve been wanting to show this off for quite some time. For the past month I’ve been working on this teamtage for my Spartan Company (Filthy Animals) filled with the most well known names in 343i and the community. On the last day of editing my fingers literally got so sore from the grind that whenever I tried to type on my Keyboard my fingers would literally miss every correct key I tried to hit. :s

So on that note for all this hard work and amazing people in this project i’d love for you guys to check this out and possible subscribe if you enjoy it (I’m 20 away from 100 subscribers), other than that I hope you enjoy it and possibly leave feedback :smiley:

P.S I know the link isn't clickable but It won't let me link it normally, so if you're on PC just copy and paste but if you're on any other platform then just go ahead and search 'Coloxan' on YouTube and you'll find it in my recent uploads!

~ Peace!