Halo 5: Team Doubles

The ideal weapon in a 2v2 match is a Magnum that kills in 4 shots, with the fourth shot being a bleed through headshot, and has an 8 shot clip. One player, without reloading, can get a double kill if he fires all 8 shots perfectly. In a gametype with an even number of players per team, a weapon that kills in an even number of shots rewards perfect teamshot more. The Magnum’s fast reload and melee animation are well suited to the fast paced gameplay that occurs on small dubs maps. 1v2 situations can still be won by a skilled player due to the quick nature of the Magnum. A single layer Overshield is the perfect power up for Doubles because a player can kill an Overshield enemy with one clip if he lands all his shots including the final bleed through headshot.

What do you want from Team Doubles?

I want no Ordnance Drops. Two players with OP weapons against two players without any results in a lopsided no fun game.

Also better skill based match making. This is more relevant in Double team then anywhere else.

Other than that. Keep everything as is.