Halo 5 team casual/competitive

Hi all
Its 2017 and halo 5 has been out for a while and I’m looking to make a team to play competitive, I have been playing halo since the first game, dropped out around ODST and Reach, now coming back late in halo 5 and been playing for a year or so.
Basically looking for a team of up to 4 players (including me) who are willing to work as a team and enjoy the game on a competitive level although I am just a casual player at the moment, people who I can enjoy the game with and increase my own personal skills as well as help others ‘get good’ and grow as a team.
I am 26 of age looking for players 18+ uk only. No hot heads please, that insist on foul language when loosing or insults, but friendly banter is always welcome.
I’m only rank gold (casual player) but did reach platinum 6 last year but stopped playing last July due to life commitments which have been resolved, and I thought would be good for other gold ranks or so to join and work up the chain together, also getting to know each other more in the process of hitting the big ranks.
I have a team name which is OSG (One Shot Gaming)
If this sounds like the type of thing your looking for add me ill leave my gamer tag at the bottom of this post, and if anyone is good with designing a team logo that would be great as I would like the team to decide as a group not just one person (although I have chosen the name I would like)
Most important which seems to lack else where from what I have seen you don’t have to be a high ranking 24/7 player just someone who wants to have fun on a competitive level and actually enjoy playing. Everyone has to start from somewhere.
players must have a working headset
So to wrap it all up my gamer tag is OSG FubarR
Feel free to add me and send a message so I can add you but take note the team limit is for up to 4 players including myself.