HALO 5 SWAT Broken as hell? Or just me?

Well I’ve played HALO since 2007 starting with HALO 2, my playing days with these games started to slowly decrease after REACH came out with it’s annoying reticle bloom. I really loved HALO 4 but most of the community hated it, I really enjoyed it. HALO 3, HALO 2, were my most favorite HALO games, they were well balanced, and had that great HALO feel to it. HALO 4 somewhat had it, but it all died after the multiplayer chages happened (including the narrator’s voice).
Anyway, HALO 5 really lacks that HALO feel to it, that’s a start. The maps are just so blunt, I really can’t believe I have to say the HALO 4 stock maps were way better. I cannot, for the life of mex adapt to the new clunky aim system and the overwhelming amount of button options they added to this game. SWAT, my most favorite playlist just feels so broken, the spawn killing is ridiculous, literally, I’ve been where I get spawn killed 4 times in a row on the same spot by the same player who killed me, I saw this in theater and he got a killtacular from killing my teamates and then overkill with me altogether. The instant spawning makes it more ridiculous. Another thing is the 8 second spawn time in multiplayer, the game literally has many broken holes to it, idk if its just me, but past halo games includ8ng halo 4 played more fluently and smoother, what can I do to adapt to this game’s ridiculous fast pace, or is it just me???

I will admit the spawns are horrible and the two forge maps are the worst maps of all time but I am having a blast in swat, just wish they would have a better rotation between BR and Magnum. I seem to play a lot more with the pistol than I do the BR.

Those are the ones where the spawn killing is horrible, I think they are called Orion and Pegasus, christ they are the worst!!! I get owned alot in SWAT, its been really frustrating for me, back in HALO 4 I was really good at it, its probably just me, but Im having a hard time adjusting, campaign is horribly hard in Heroic as well :\