Halo 5 Sustain: Halo Infinite 117 Award [Part 1]

G’day everyone!

This is a topic that I have brought up once before & I have decided to take it a step further. My Halo 5 Sustain plan will contain several parts - this one being the first - to help sustain the Halo 5 community before the release of Infinite; to help boost the population therefore bettering gameplay

The topic of this section is:

Halo Infinite 117 Award

Like the 152 Award, but catered to those who have only just started the game, or will not be able to attain 152 before the release of Halo Infinite; thus rewarding Halo 5 players and creating another optional task for current or future Halo 5 players to complete

I have created a petition, in order gain traction regarding this idea; as I believe that this will highly benefit the Halo 5 community as well as the Public Relation for 343 Industries

I would love to hear your feedback, as this is an idea that I am very passionate about; as I am very passionate about sustaining the Halo 5 population for a better multiplayer experience, providing a more enjoyable experience for the Halo Community

Thank you for taking the time read through my proposition, and as always, I look forward to reading your responses

Kind regards, GG Panda GG :slight_smile:

I think that a 117 award is definitely something they should put into Infinite, As well as various Halo Wars 2 and MCC awards. Maybe even something if you have game stats for the original Halo 2, 3, or Reach releases.

I don’t know about a petition though. I am sure they have looked at most of the milestones that can be achieved for possible rewards, and petitioning them to do something seems excessive.

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it is useless halo 5 is almost 7yrs old.besides they said they will not update halo 5

I think the idea of a 117 award is interesting. It would be a neat shoutout to players who were later to the party.

I would remove the part of your post about petition though as it’s against the rules and will get your thread locked

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Halo 5 isn’t going to get another update. The 152 reward is there to reward players who put in a long grind for minimal reward in Halo 5.

Halo 5 is almost 6 years old. Honestly I doubt a challenge for players to complete to get a reward in Infinite will actually drive players to play Halo 5.
The only people who are grinding 152 are people who’ve played in the past but never finished it. A lot of people have given up that grind due to how long it is - there isn’t a huge surge or people coming to get it which makes me believe this won’t be the case for a “117 award” either.
I hate to say it but Halo 5 is just a thing of the past now, old games that don’t get updated stop getting played - that just the nature of gaming.

Also, pretty sure petitions are against the forum rules. This could get locked.

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> Also, pretty sure petitions are against the forum rules. This could get locked.

This is correct