Halo 5 Suppressor Appreciation Thread

The suppressor may be one of the most misunderstood automatic weapons in Halo 5. I see people constantly passing over it in every map to pick up more inferior weapons. (smh) To be fair, at first, I thought the suppressor was -Yoink-. It was -Yoink- in Halo 4 and I found no use for it in Halo 5. It lost against any other automatic weapon and was on my ban list of weapons.

Then, it occurred to me. Maybe the weapon isn’t trash, maybe I’m using the weapon wrong. Ah yes, 343i, you dastardly balanced out the weapons so well that it’s hard to say one is top tier and the other is low tier. 75% of the weapons fall in the mid tier category. The suppressor needs to be “warmed up” before firing on a target, much like miniguns in most FPS games. Now, it’s a beast in itself.

The homing makes strafing even easier to do because aiming isn’t a problem. The suppressor makes mince meat of the AR, boltshot, and some times even a pistol at medium range. Now, let’s be fair, the suppressor is useless close range, but that was never its intention. It’s a solid mid-range automatic weapon that will out range a SMG and out aim a poor pistol.

With that being said, the suppressor has found a home in my weapon repertoire. In fact, I’m less than 10 kills away with it to pass my kills with the AR.
Next time, I encourage all players to please give the suppressor a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised what you do with it!

Agreed, the automatics have a good balance between them.

It’s an anti-auto. It’s effective range is longer than that of other autos, so it kills them all with ease, from a decent distance. Also, prefire to spool up the gun as you round a corner so you’re dealing rapid fire homing death the moment you walk into the room.

After reading this, I’ll give the suppressor another try

I already do.

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> After reading this, I’ll give the suppressor another try

god bless.

Loved the supressor, haven’t used it in a while but I will make sure to use the other variants in the near future.

Considering you made a thread about how -Yoink!- the suppressor is, and that I probably hated on you in that thread somewhere, this is a nice change of pace, considering I disagree with most of your posts lol. Welcome to the suppressor club!

Yea i never liked the suppressor, but that’s just cause i don’t enjoy using it.

I do like how automatics are actually useful now but still get stomped by the precision weapons.

I hope 343 keep the weapon balance the same for Halo 6.

alright lets see if the suppressor can write checks it can cash. Will be testing this in warzone and slayer to test said weapon

I love the new Suppresor. I didn’t use it much at first, but then I started grabbing it on Riptide and the other maps it’s on, and it’s amazing. The Song of Peace and Razor’s Edge are even better.

Its a good upgrade. The Supressor needed SOMETHING to make it useful and its honestly gotten just that.

I think people don’t expect players to be using the Suppressor and Bolt Shot as much as they should be. When I’m playing a laggy match I’ll seek those two guns out more often than usual due to their forgiving targeting. The Suppressor has a very specific effective range, too far and you’re just making noise, too close and half your shots will miss as players move about.
Get the sweet spot? Pwnage.

I must admit I don’t often pick up the suppressor, the slow start up speed is usually the death of me.
But thought I’d mention I think I read somewhere that the homing is even stronger when zoomed in.

I have been noticing a lot more suppressors and bolt shots on warzone lately. I’ve started picking them up instead of leaving them sit there at the beginning of matches. Took some time to get used to but it’s a fair weapon once you get used to the preferred range you need to be in.

In Arena, the Suppressor is meant to compliment a team with movement+long bursts, and the extra large magazine can allow for ramping the RoF before even popping one’s head. I still wouldn’t put the weapon as high on the tool/useful list as you have but when it’s not Super Fiesta, it can be fun.

It’s definitely not something you want running around with in your hands not knowing. The Boltshot is great for tagging Spartan Charge bounces but the ramp of the Suppressor really puts it behind nearly everything but a Needler and PP in this regard.

If you’re clearing out a stronghold or trying to steal a flag from its base, the more predictable grouping of the opponents can allow this weapon to do damage as those players maneuver to avoid your team’s shots and/or take 'nade splashes. The Suppressor’s wide assist window and tracking shot ability allows for mindless firing on all those bouncing and jumping opponents, which means one should be minding their radar and other surroundings.

I have struggled with it some time but after I started to “warm” it up its been going a lot better. I also really like the new variants.

> 2533274891097288;4:
> After reading this, I’ll give the suppressor another try

I’m going to go give it another try as well

I’m going to use just the Song of Peace and the Razor’s Edge.

trust me i love that gun in the campaign, it’s very appreciated.