Halo 5 suggestions (refining the old halo)

So i just want to leave some suggestions on halo 5, I think it should be more focused on refining the halo we all know rather than trying to change it up, please read below to see what ideas i have and thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Halo 1, 2, and 3 all made good improvements on the last, and Halo 3 was the best Halo for multiplayer and is still going strong, i think the Halo 5 gameplay should be based from halo 3 and then refined and improved with sprint. i think the game would be better focused on skill if ability’s like Promethean vision and jetpack where removed. I think this would make the gameplay a lot less crazy and more like the older halo people want but refined and improved.

The maps i think should be less cluttered and halve small maps and halve should be large, in halo 4 i found there where far too many large maps and only 3-4 small maps for use in team slayer, this made it quite boring.

I think the playlists should be better planned and laid out more like h2 & 3, with social playlists that don’t have rank, and competitive & MLG playlists for competitive players. Halo 4 was a real let down in terms of competitive play as i think it was too focused on gaining new players that want to have fun rather then keeping the competitive players that make up a good part of halo’s fanbase.

Also i think there definitely NEEDS to be a 0-50 in-game ranking system… proof of which is that Halo 3 currently has more players then Halo 4 and its 6 years old!, having the 0-50 out of game is too much of an effort and it doesn’t effect anything in the game.

People will wait for a good game and if its not as good as it should be for a 5th instalment near the release date i think it should be moved back and released when its ready, with Halo 4 there where far too many bugs and unbalancing issues for a game that has had 5 games before it to learn from, hence why i think refining halo is definitely the way to go rather then changing it.

Thanks for reading.