Halo 5 Suggestins & Ideas

First of all, I want to say that I am spanish and my english is not perfect, so if I kill the english language while writing this I am sorry.

Okay, I want to share some suggestions and ideas I would like to be implemented/changed in the game.
We all know that Halo 5 is built around the core Halo gameplay but adding new features in top of that. These features are the Spartan Abilities. Spartan, yeah, that doesn’t sound good to all those Elites out there. With that said, all the abilities need or sprint or a thruster pack to work. We know for sure that Elites can run so no problem with those abilities.
The elites could have the thruster ones but in another way. It will play the same as the spartans but aesthetically different. In Reach, we had the jetpack, if you pick a jetpack using an elite, the model of the jetpack is changed to a covenant-like jetpack. The thrusters are integrated in the mjolnir armor so we can have that type of jetpack (changing its shape a bit to fit the role of a thruster) and now elites can do their own Elite Abilities.
Now it’s time to talk about Sprint (Opinion: I like sprint and I don’t mind if they let it like it is, but a lot of people in this community don’t like it). It’s a feature introduced in Reach as an Armor Ability and in Halo 4 as a default ability available to everyone. In Halo 5, this ability war brought back but balanced making your shields unable to recharge while you are sprinting. That is an excellent way to balance it but it makes other problems as slowing the base movement speed and making the maps bigger. What if we make it a power-up? It could be like an Armor ability but only one person can have it at the same time and while you are sprinting, you can still shoot. That makes strafing a lot easier to the sprint owner; it will also be something to fight for in the map, so we are expanding the map control. As an Armor Ability, this should have a power bar so you are not using it always and when that bar reaches 0%, you have to fight for it again. In BTB and other game types where you have a big map and lots of people I think it must be default and unlimited. With these changes we can raise the base movement speed and making the small maps smaller and the big maps bigger.

The aesthetic part of the game I want to talk about is entirely my opinion, but I know some people share it with me.
The mjolnir armors: In Reach we had very gritty and battle-worn armors and it was okay to some people and not too much to others. In Halo 4 we have shiny, colorful and new armors (some people will say they looked like plastic) that was good for some but unrealistic for others. I want you to take a look to the Halo 4 Scanned teaser. Here, the MC armor is as colorful as the Halo 4/3 armors but it feels like it’s made of metal and it’s very battle-worn. I think that that is the way.
Also I want the undersuits to be completely black, like the ones in the Spartan IV armors of the campaign.
The power weapons indicators and callouts. It is a great idea to new-comers to be able to know where these weapons are and when are they spawning, but in my opinion, it should be something only activated for social playlists (you know, where the new-comers must be until they gains some experience). In ranked playlists (in my opinion) it should only be 1 callout when the weapons are about to spawn and no indicators.

Well, that is all I had to say. If you have something else to add/change I will read it and add it, but I want arguments (full respect to others) and not only opinions.

Thanks for reading C:

I’ll be more likely to like Halo 5 because it goes back to having the power weapons being on the map and everyone being given the same traits at the start. The rest of it will take some getting used to, but i’m likely to like it a lot more than Halo 4’s multiplayer.