Halo 5 Success

I heard over on halo Reddit that the free play days, warzone firefight, and the monthly DLC has kept halo 5 one of the most played game. I think halo 5 is a pretty good game now. What do you want in future DLC, halo 6, or other?

There is more future dlc and will get Halo 6.

Assuming 343 will build off of Halo 5, Firefight is a must! I love the new objective based play with bosses. There are a couple things that need to be tweaked (imo) such as spawn timers and difficulty. The req system is different but needs to be refined in a way so it’s not RNG grinding. (Weapons and vehicles cards can be rng. Armor and certifications should not. Level locks and currency used in reach could be used as inspiration).

ALSO: organization in the req collection

Monthly dlc had its ups and downs for me. Played halo until march, came back for grifball, disappeared until firefight. Adding a bunch of req became overwhelming, especially since I could unlock it (halo reach armor sets). If 343 supported this, monthly free dlc, in halo 6 I would not be against it.

Kind of happens when you give away the game.