Halo 5 story gets a little better

i really was disappointed the first time i played through the campaign. i mean it is a really great game just felt like something was missing. but after playing through the campaign several times now, i get a better idea of the story they are telling

I think part of it is a) they obviously had to scale down the amount of content they could make for the campaign and b) you can tell it was written by a comic book writer.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but explains why a lot of the story’s more nuanced points are fired out in one scene, dropped for ages and then referenced again. That’s how comic books often work, since they have space constraints.

It’s a shame. So many little things could have made this campaign amazing if they had just been developed a bit more. You can tell Tanaka was meant to be distrustful at the start and then developes a strong rapport with the rest of the team, but you never really see it develope. Most of the character developement and exposition is forced and on the nose, rather than building up over the campaign.

It’s understandable. Frank has said before about how game design expectations limit what they can do with the story; they have to build something like a Call of Duty campaign, but really want to do Mass Effect.