Halo 5 still needs a lot of work!

Here are the problems that still remain in Halo 5:

  1. Melee system is the worst of all the Halos. It’s slow, delayed, and it ruins close quarter combat. It’s awful!
  2. Ranking system… I’d rather have the 1-50 scale with the social ranks like Halo 3.
  3. The maps, they’re aren’t very many good maps on here. They’re 6 arena maps that are duplicates of another map. I mean can you half-a$! it any more. the new map overgrowth is prolly the worst map in Halo ever. Just a disappointment.
  4. The pistol is good, but it so boring to watch streams because of the pistol for me. Am I the only one.
    On a side note I believe dedicated servers are a conspiracy… I mean there is still clearly a host advantage in this game. There might be dedicated servers but not every game… Impossible.
    I truly hope 343 sees the issues and fixes them.

All i can agree on is ranking and dedicated servers. Everything else is fixable or a you problem.

They need to fix the Outer Deadzone option! It’s broken and doesn’t move the Deadzone out all the way to the palstic to make aim accel start as soon as you peg your joystick

  1. The melee system is fine, aside from the delay when jumping, due to ground pound. I hope they fix this, but the hyperbole is unnecessary. It works 100% fine when you’re on the ground.
  2. No.
  3. The remixes are not duplicates. They all play very differently. The only point I agree on here is that Overgrowth is awful. I hate that map.
  4. This isn’t a coherent description of a problem. I have no idea what you mean. Is this one of the silly “if it looked like a rifle instead it would arbitrarily be more exciting” arguments? The Magnum is beautiful.
  5. Dedicated servers does not mean everyone is inherently equal. There is always latency. People will be different distances from the servers, with different connection speeds. They have to balance “acceptable” latency with matching times. “Dedicated servers” does not mean “100% perfect connection for everyone in the solar system to every single server all the time.” That’s just a practical reality that they will never fix completely.

Listen if you guys think the maps on Halo 5 are good you’re crazy. There is one stand out map. That’s it.
Mum not saying the magnum sucks by any means, I’m saying it’s boring to watch. (My opinion)
i hate the ranking system, it’s just more classic Halo to have the 1-50. It gave you more reason to play, for me anyways. Getting 50’s in multiple playlists was great.
Melee sucks regardless. It needs fixed.
I just thought the maps would be better. The pro team dropped the ball on that input there.
Another thing is I could put in countless hours on Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Reach. H4 was okay. As for Halo 5 I play it a lot but I take breaks a lot in this one. It may be me but that’s just my opinion on everything so far. All in all Halo 5 is good and playable, but it’s not a great game.

I agree OP. If they fix all that I will take back everything bad I’ve ever said about 343i.

Melee system is definitely weird. Why the delay after jumping?