Halo 5 Startup menu

Awhile back while I was waiting for the my wife to get off the computer so I could have full use of the internet service on Halo 5, I was sitting in the Halo 5 Guardians start screen. The screen that you’re at before the menu where you have to hit start in order to go into the menus. While waiting, I was watching all of the ships fly in and out. All of a sudden, a grunt floats by. Dead i’m assuming. Wow, I thought. this is kinda cool. I have only seen it once since then.
I was hoping that someone on here could tell me how to see that again on my xbox while i was waiting again. IS there a certain date that it happens, is it just a matter of waiting so long, or is it just random? Any help would be appreciated. My oldest son has started playing Halo and would like to see what i’m talking about.
Not sure yet if I should be concerned that he wants to see a dead floating Grunt in space or not,lol.

Never noticed. I’ll be on the lookout.

As far as I can tell you just have to go to the main menu screen and wait for about 6-7 minutes and he’ll pop up, it isn’t date specific.

It’s not date specific. You just have to wait on the main menu and he will eventually float on by.

It’s an easter egg I’m sure. :slight_smile:

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> It’s an easter egg I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Well know for sure sometime in the next 20 years when someone figures it out.

Yea it’s just a funny Easter egg, random methane boi floating thru space

It always happens when you sit in the menu long enough.

One of the coolest Easter eggs in Halo for sure. With all its issues, I was glad to see the Easter eggs in H5 were still pretty entertaining. I also used to wonder if there was a way to trigger it, but, as has been already stated, the only way is to simply sit there long enough.

I always see him floating around. At first i never payed attention to startup screen. One day I was on the phone watching the clip and noticed him floating by. The funniest thing in H5 was the grunt on the cliff edge holding the skull singing, walking up behind him and kicking him off the cliff was really funny.