Halo 5: STABLE Flyable Pelican in Forge (Tutorial)

In this video, I show you how you can make a Pelican in Halo 5’s Forge mode that more or less flies. It’s only limitation is controlling the altitude, but that is easy to get around. There are two different versions of this custom vehicle. One will continuously rise into the sky as the other reaches a set altitude and maintains it, or slowly declines but doesn’t reach the ground. With either one, the altitude change is very gradual. These Pelicans are very stable when in the air and handle nicely as well. I will be releasing these when 343 gives us prefabs in Halo 5’s Forge on September 8th. I will also start to release other Halo 5 custom vehicles that I’ve made. Enjoy!


Thanks! I still can’t directly link things yet. I hope you find this useful!