Halo 5 Split Screen

I’ve been playing Halo since I was a little kid and surprisingly I still enjoy playing it and that goes with all Halos even 4. I would and what I still continue to do is to call my friends over to play Halo. Halo to this day is my favorite game and I would not have been a gamer if it wasn’t for halo. Now my favorite feature is gone. Now I can’t call my friends over because it will be boring taking turns instead of playing with them. In my opinion they should give the Halo franchise back to Bungies hands OR they can develop halo 6 and release it in 3 years so they have time to make a good campaign and multiplayer. Tell me what you think. No split screen or yes split screen?

Tell me what you think.

There’s already a splitscreen thread in Halo 5.