Halo 5: Spartan Company 2022

Discord server link here.

Joined. Thanks for the link!

Discord link please, i would like to play halo 5 forge pc with friends but im the only one who haves it

Can i get that link too?

Could I maybe get a link?

can i get the discord link? i’ve got the armor but am still missing the helmet

can i get a link please

The links for creating a clan right because I 'm not sure how to do it

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Hello! I’m a highly active Halo 5 player. I’m interested in working towards Achilles with a group as well right now. How may I join?

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To work for Achilles armor and helmet you need to be a part of a Spartan Company.

Apparently, since this website got a overhaul it is not possible to join a Spartan Company anymore. I would also like to join a Spartan Company.

I would love to join a team and work for Achilles


Is there any chance of joining??

hi i would love to join the team and work for achilles armor and helmet

im in.

send me a discord msg


Is this company still looking for members?

I earned the helmet a long time ago, but for some reason never got the armor. If you are still doing it, i would love to help. Just dm me and let me know.

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Feel free to DM me a link I’d love to join a halo 5 community since most of my friends have dropped the game and it gets kinda boring playing H5 by myself tbh

hey, so i have the armor but was kicked before i got the helmet:( are any clans working on the helmet? Alsi created my own clan but haven’t been able to leave it since the website changed. Help!

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could I please have the link?

May I get a link if this is still an option? I’ve been suffering ever since the shutdown of company viewing.