Halo 5 sniper and aiming.

Who else thinks that it is easier to snipe in Halo 5 than in past Halos. It is not a major difference, but it seems to be easier to hit headshots with it. It definitely needs to have less bullet magnetism. I have noticed the change with the sniper, but what about other weapons? Many people say Halo 5’s aim is very difficult and has low aim assist, whereas others say it is so forgiving. Can someone please give me their opinion on whether Halo 5’s aim is much easier, or not? (compared to past Halos).

Aim assist on every gun exept snipe has been decreased. Aim assist/bullet mag is compareble to halo 4 and a slight bit lower than halo 2 anniversary and reach. However, sniper firerate has been decreased, making it more important to get headshots.