Halo 5 slayer is shaping up well

Thoroughly enjoying the beta and getting my head around the learning curve, here are the things that work well:

Weapon balance for the most part (if you have steady aim with a br or even a magnum you can keep ar/smg rushers at bay)

The level of aim magnetism

The maps are decent so far

Spartan abilities enhance the core gameplay and do not get in the way - feels like a ‘true’ halo 4 (potentially)

Time to kill - ttk has been gettin slower with every halo (not good). This current ttk (fastest it’s been since halo 2 br and the updated h4 br) mixed with the level of aim magnetism promotes fast gameplay and a skill gap

Melee bleed through

Prometheon weapons as tier 2 weapons

Things that need work:

Slightly increase the time it takes for sprint to get to terminal velocity

Get rid of death cam music

No flinch whatsoever (this may have been removed)

Game could be smoother - zooming in with the sniper takes longer than previous halo’s

For the love of God let us change our victory poses

Slightly improve movement speed so strafing is a more effective strategy

Implement a sprint cooldown (similar to thruster pack)

Please incorporate 4 player split screen co op in the full game

More still needs to be done 2 make the other prometheon weapons (notably the suppressor and the scatter shot) more distinct - bring back prometheon grenades and give them an emp effect like energy drains in halo 3

Only announce power weapons 10 seconds before they spawn. So that teams are rewarded for effective time management but unfamiliar ppl still get a feel of weapon locations/timings over time