Halo 5 should feature first person driving

Remember how in Halo:CE when you entered the passenger seat of a warthog, how epic, and life like it felt to ride inside a lightning fast jeep as your visor bounced around? This feature should be brought back. In all Halo 5 vehicles, there should be the option to switch views between first person and third person when driving or flying a vehicle (like how you can switch views from first to third in battlefield, crisis, and many other FPS games). This won’t cause balancing issues as going to first won’t increase the FOV. And players will have the choice to switch to either or.

The waypoint forums forbid me from posting links to modded content from Halo games on the Xbox (I don’t want to get banned again) so you guys can look up some mods of Halo games with vehicles in first person on your own discretion.

What I am allowed to show you however, are mods from Halo: Custom Edition, and Halo 2 on the PC, as you can see, controlling vehicles in first person is a great experience:

There are better examples of this in first person driving for Halo 3, and Halo 4... but I am not allowed too link them...

I say yes for the passenger seat, but I think 3rd person works best for driving and gunning.

If people want to ruin their experience by toggling first person, they can be my guest. So long as it remains an OPTION. If there is ever a Halo game with 1st person driving as the default settings I’m just so -Yoinking!- done.

1st person for driving could be really nauseating with all the physics though.

It should only be for turret gunners on Warthogs and such. 3rd person aiming really helps drivers to know their surroundings, and know when their vehicle has been stuck by stickies so they can jump out. That’s just for intermediate and above drivers. Many drivers I play with can’t even get the hog going in the right direction let alone make evasive maneuvers. Having 1st person driving would make beginners and simply unskilled players run into obstacles, flip the vehicle, and drive off cliffs a lot more often since your view is much more limited.

Though I notice a lack of decent turret operators in the game population, so I think having it as a right stick click toggle for turret operators would be great. I can aim 3rd person turrets well in PC games with the mouse and keyboard but thumb sticks are really bad for 3rd person aiming. Having a toggle for it would be great, but to balance the enhanced accuracy maybe slowing down the turret’s movement speed or firing rate while “scoped” would work.

Yes please!!! If it’s nauseating then oh well, no one’s forcing anyone to go in first person. I’ve always wanted this, the turret would be cool to go on like this though.