Halo 5 should bring back the other Spartans

Hello Spartans.

I’ve started this thread as a plea to 343. I believe the remaining Spartan II’s & III’s (From the books) should return from the books and into Halo 5. We left off Halo 4 with Chief losing his AI companion Cortana, this to me sets to perfect time to bring Johns past friends back into the fray since John has lost everything he cares about.

On a side note it would also be good timing to bring back characters such as Lord Hood, Arbiter, Edward Buck, Serin Osman, Veronica Dare, Dutch, Romeo and Mickey to name a few.

I ask the community to keep this thread going so 343 take notice and hopefully implement these choices into Halo 5.

If you wish you can suggest you Halo 5 ideas to the Halo 5 Community Suggestion Thread-Click Here :slight_smile:

Thank you.