Halo 5 Servers Not Connecting

Hey guys been trying to get a game in for three days but no luck with Halo servers :(.
Theres nothing wrong with my internet connection, anyone know whats going on?

Log into here: http://enforcement.xbox.com/home
And let me know if your reputation is green, or what color it is.

Reputation is GREEN, although Ive been accused of cheating on 6 occasions…:joy::joy::joy:…I dont know weather I should take that as a compliment or not? Im just not that great lol.

Are you still unable to get a game? What region are you in?

I wasnt able to get home to try get a game in last night, will try when I get home tonight.
I live in north western Sydney.
Cheers for getting back to me MATADOR Inc!

Hello again MATADOR Inc,
I have been unsuccessful in any attempt to gain access to halo servers :(.
I am beginning to think my isp adress has been hacked again by another disgruntled gamer raging geek with a small appendage!!!..you can probably tell I am annoyed!
Any attempt to access xbox live or halo services via my internet connection are unsuccessful.
The only way I am able to post this message is to use cellular data on my phone.Ill try to turn off my modem over night to obtain a new ip address. If its not that I guess its at 343’s end?
Any ideas?

Thanks again :confused:

Sorry to hear, below is a thread that may help worth a try. It is more technical than I can assist with…


No worries, thankyou for you help anyways.
Cheers :+1::+1::+1: