Halo 5 servers and ban system pure garbage

honestly from the service issues to the banhammer in Grifball banning me for 5 hours every damn day I am really starting to hate Halo 5’s multiplayer. Dont get me wrong I love the game, its just that the service issues are really starting to make me consider playing another game because I try to play Grifball and the betrayal option is back and there is also connection issues on the map skylark which got me banned for almost 6 hours yesterday from Arena. I think I might just quit Halo 5 because 343 has garbage servers and they dont care what we think about anything. I would hate to leave but very highly considering it because I still have a 57 min ban out of the 5 hours I have waited in Arena for betraying some dude once in GRIFBALL and the servers are down. Absolute garbage

Please use the ban thread for help with matchmaking bans
Official Halo 5 “Why was I banned?” thread