Halo 5 server

Seriously, halo 5 has one of the worst servers I’ve ever seen! Try to connect to the server and “attention. There was an issue with the Halo 5 servers. Please try again.” I had this same problem on Monday! This is seriously the worst halo by far for it’s servers.

Oh boy, another one?

I can understand your woes, but these kind of server complaints never work at all. Just perform a hard reset of your console or restart your internet modem / router.

Ok thanks. I got this game last Thursday and 2 days now I haven’t been able to play it because the garbage servers! Is there a place to complain that actually does something that you know of?

Read the OP here and leave a thread. It’s where feedback goes in an effort to make the servers better. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/server-reports-latency-disconnects-etc/94237e5e-3dba-4a03-b2bd-670defa11329/posts

Happy Haloing!