Halo 5 season 11 emblem

Hello, today I got on halo 5 to check if I got my season 12 emblem, and noticed something weird. first, when I opened my season pack the emblem didn’t show up, it was just in my collection, 2nd I also noticed I never got my season 11 emblem and I’m pretty sure I qualified for it. Is there any way I can get it?? thanks.
UPDATE: Thanks for the replies, I guess I just never ranked and thought I did, I did check my service record before hand but I guess I was looking at the wrong thing.
sucks that I didn’t get the emblem. =/

You can check the seasons you got ranked in on your service record. I saw that you didn’t get ranked for at least the March/April season.

If Season 12 was the July-August season, then there is no emblem for that season. The May-June season was the last season in Halo 5 that had a specific emblem. You can read about this in the community update from June 29.