Halo 5 Scripting Broken

Every major update either fixes scripting or breaks it in some way. In the last update I had made a realistic elevator with sliding doors and all that worked perfect and didn’t stutter when it moved, but ever since this latest update the elevator completely broke. After 10 minutes of re-scripting the entire thing using less scripts because the update, it now stutters and bumps around randomly.

There are some cases where scripts don’t behave properly in forge but then work in custom games, but yeah scripting is riddled with problems based on what I’ve seen. Scripting bugs are the reason why I rage quit in December and stopped forging. Right now I’m hoping that the update next March resolves some of these issues, but I’m not holding my breath. The December update wreaked havoc on scripts involving time, so I’m guessing that’s why your elevator broke. Try doing the scripting without using any Timer functions, and try to use Wait actions if you need to delay an action/event.

This is still broken! Please fix it 343!

Exact same thing happened to my elevator. I solved the problem by welding all the car components together (once scripts to buttons and the number counter were applied) to give a smooth motion between every floor. Don’t weld the lift door though! I then added a label to the car to make it move rather than apply a movement script directly.

Annoying sometimes the buttons, numbers and lights shift when the car stops, but it isn’t too bad. The only problem is sometimes the car doesn’t move up far enough so you can sometimes get a bit stuck in the door.

I can show you my map with my elevator bank on if you need any further support with it.

still broke

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