Halo 5 Ricochet Gametype

Feedback is a lovely thing
HAPPY HAMMER DAY! Along with it I would like to bring you my favorite thing to come from this update…Ricochet.
I made it to most of the same settings as Halo 4 except the only difference is that instead of 200 points to win (50pt for a run and 20 for a throw), it is now 20 points to win (5 for a run and 2 for a throw). Also instead of the ball carrier always highlighted, it is only when spotted. A short clip is provided just to show throw distance and, ball placement, and ball spawn times and that it is all consistent with Original Ricochet rules.
The map shown is Axon and is designed specifically for Ricochet.
Too download the gametype and map, you can follow me on XBL by the gamertag Zaxari
Here is a youtube link showing you the mechanics for the gametype. Click Here

Thank You! At first I thought Ricochet and Oddball were individual gamemodes until I flip-flopped the settings to make it like so.

Now time to build a Football field >:)

Nice map, and finally some Ricochet.

Sweet. Ricochet was my favorite game type from 4. To bad the population dropped before it came out.