Halo 5 Rewards System (Reqs)

What do you guys think of the Halo 5 rewards system? Do you think reqs have been a success, or do you prefer some of the older systems?

Personally, whilst I think reqs are a great idea for Warzone, Warzone is a gametype that I barely ever play - I’m just not a fan of big-team gametypes, and prefer Arena. This makes the req system quite annoying for me as the vast majority of rewards I get for playing aren’t useful to me - I have no use for req cards that can only be used in Warzone, and whilst I can just sell them to purchase more req packs that’s a very long and laborious process, and it means that the only rewards I get for playing Arena is the very occasional rarer armour set.

Anyway, what’s the rest of the fanbase’s thoughts?

I played asia grinder which were more rewarding. And they were actually f2p so, no… I don’t like it.

I like it honestly. I didnt buy a req pack until I was like level 60+ and never ran out of reqs to use in game. I do understand that it sucks for those just starting out, but now with the increased deswpan time I see power weapons lying around all the time. I dunno. My only 2 complaints about the whole req system are a cumbersone ui that takes forever to cycle through and no pistol variants.

In regards to arena and req points, I don’t know if I can relate. I’ve always switched between WZ and arena and continuously had new armors and skins to try out as I leveled up. I do think a sell all feature on req packs would be usefull though. Or even ‘Sell all commons’ ‘sell all vehicles’ options as well.

I like the system in principle but I would like it much more if the things you can collect were more interesting. I find them dull to say the least - the only thing I want at the moment is the H2 BR, everything else is just filler.