halo 5 review

5 out of 10
good, not great but good, don’t think i’ll be downloading any of it.
Environment art
amazing A+
Great, 60 fps is great, (but not worth the loss of of split screen)
not amazing, wish i could set them up exactly how i want them.
Story was well done, some of these characters could of been fleshed out more. Because I have read the books I knew the characters and they were done very well. But looking at the big picture the story falls short simply because its been done before, Man vs Machine, the classic Irobot story; oh my who hasn’t done this. And then you find out its cortana that’s the main villain… for some reason… ok, guess all those other games were she was the the protagonist don’t count, maybe she was faking it.
Does the story leave me wanting more?
NO, not if it’s going to continue on like this. Can’t the ending of this story being entertaining?
Played a few game, same old same old(every one uses br or dmr), found more variety on halo pc custom edition.
Special note: no split screen? not even for multiplayer? da -Yoink-?
halo revolutionized gaming with split screen now it doesn’t have it? took off three 3 whole points cuz of this.
I didn’t buy this game I just took turns playing through it with my friend, will i buy it? No. Not even if it come out on windows 10? I still wont buy it no, sry. not much replay value.