Halo 5 Review

Alright so with Halo 5 out and already beaten by the majority of the fan base I’ll give you all my take on it. So as far as the gameplay goes it has been BY FAR the best Halo gameplay that has ever been done. In Halo 5 I actually get to feel like a Spartan, climbing over walls boosting out of the way of grenades and the overall pace that the gameplay has is amazing, it’s fast and unrelenting. The new Warzone game type is a welcome addition to the game however I feel as though you have to play with at least two of you friends to not get shot in the back or left out to dry.

The Recs system is also a welcome edition however tedious it may be to get enough rec points for a half decent pack. The way power weapons and vehicles are handled now work well with the pace of each of the warzone game types. However I feel something lacking in the multiplayer, the lack of customization. Now granted you can have different weapon skins as well as the different variants of Mjolnir armor nut I felt that the Spartan customization in Halo 4 was by far the best and felt the most unique. You could change your leg armor, wrist armor, and even have a data pad on your forearm. The point is is that you almost NEVER saw a Spartan that looked the same. I understand we have over 100 different armor variants but just the sheer ability to fully customize your Spartan would have been nice.

As far as the campaign goes, I thought is was a good story yet lacking. It just barely flushed out the characters for you to get a glimpse of who they were and that was it. Also I felt as though I knew how the story would end in the fourth mission, it kind of put it out there early if you thought about it enough. My BIG disappointment for the story was the 8 to 2 story mission ratio of Locke and Chief. I do believe we were told that you literally played half the story as Locke and the other as Chief. That didn’t happen. Not only that but my most anticipated thing about the game to see Blue Team in action. Fred, Kelly, Linda, I expected them each to have at least one moment to shine and it never happened. I wanted depth to the characters I loved from the books. I wanted the good ol’ SPARTAN-II’s to show how badass they really were but it didn’t happen.
However this is the best Halo I played so far, not because of one thing or another but in a whole it was very enjoyable and it continues to be.

Xky Takanuva

I really love the game, the gameplay is great, but the campaign storyline leaves so much more. The story to me was a bit meh right until the end when it got really good, but then the game ended. The campaign was kinda short, but they did a really good job with multiplayer and gameplay.