halo 5 requests

  1. bring back old maps - have a playlist for h1, h2, and h3 so we can play multiplayer on our old favorites

  2. 4 shot br - how hard was this to get in h4?

  3. in game rank. h2 and h3 had decent ranks and it would not have been hard to change them a bit to prevent a lot of the cheating going on

  4. social and ranked playlists

  5. timed weapon spawns

  6. pro ranked playlist

  7. invite pros to test the alpha version when major things can be changed. forget beta when you make little adjustments.

my main request - take what was good about the other halo games and use that to start with. dont just start scrapping things and redoing them. why Reach did this i have no idea. 4 was better and is much better now. learn from your mistakes and previous halo successes. i still cant figure out why we had a new multiplayer after h3. just have a new game but keep multiplayer the same. I would prefer to have it set up more like a WOW model where the old stuff stays and new is added. I bet bungies new game is like this.

Mine are;

Make Elites playable in MP WITH their own sets of armor and colors aside from the spartans. (those really cool covie colors from the original 3 Halos)

New Assassinations;
Spartans on spartans, elites on elites, spartans on elites, elites on spartans. include some more weapons, (gravity hammer, energy sward, etc)

Maybe BTB of 10 vs 10
i’d like that

More gametypes

Better looking armor (please)

More visor colors

Basically, you want it to be h3?

> Basically, you want it to be h3?

I think they should take the last halo that the community really liked and work from there. Reach totally abandoned all of the good things about 3 and tried to just replace them. I think fans would have been much happier with halo 3.5 instead of reach. this is a game that it is very easy for them to try things out - ie a playlist with armor abilities to see how the community responds. make changes to make the game better. do not just change for the sake of being different.