Halo 5 req points

I have tons of req points and I need more action with the points I have earned. I was thinking that if you are in a clan you should have more access to your points: award your own points to clan members like gold req packs so they feel like they are part of a team not just getting on a clan and nothing exciting happens for being in a clan. I believe that is a good form to keep clans united. I see that you can award friends but with more cash but keeps the req points out which makes them pointless unless 343 puts out another large pack you can buy with the req points. I would appreciate comments about this topic I feel like there is something good there to capitalize on. Thanks conductor out.

Seems like a good idea OP. A fine way to keep players from leaving your group.

Maybe they should change it so that we get Req points for everything just like in Reach we got Cr for campaign and custom games and even forge although we only got like 5 for playing in forge for an hour, but still it would be nice to add perceived monetary value to play campaign and custom games. Also we would only get like a few hundred for customs depending on length and score like in Reach and Campaign in Reach gave what would be equivalent to at least a thousand Req points.