Halo 5 REQ Packs

I don’t really seem to understand the Requisition pack drop rates. I play war zone multiple times but most the time I either get only 2 silver packs or no packs at all. I normally use at least 1 of my scorpions and many other requsitions while in the war zone and can personally take out mythic bosses and I still won’t get a pack for it. I don’t see anywhere detailing the drop rate or the best way to get them past play the game and hope. And I can’t seem to understand if it’s completely random or what. I could seriously use help with this so I don’t waste more of my time playing war zone and using my requsitions just to not get them back or at least a little bit of something in return.

Are you asking about the drop rates within packs (which is random) or the packs you receive as a ‘reward’ for doing certain things?

Silver then gold then bronze is the best way to unlock everything.

Agreed. Go silver first until you can no longer unlock any more. Afterwards go gold until all is unlocked. Finally finish up the last few bronze.

There are no drop rates for REQ packs. Some commendations reward you with REQ packs at certain completion levels, especially in Warzone Firefight. “Drop rates” signify a chance that you will get something, but with REQ packs themselves there is no chance. You either buy them with $ or REQ points, or you earn some from completing commendations or winning you first daily match, or things like that.

Drop rates only come into play when you open the REQ packs, as different items in the packs have different drop rates.